Misty Gonzales invites YOU to Rock City Festival

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The Floorwalkers Invite You to Rock City Fest!

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Check out Lauren Lanzaretta at Rock City Festival on July 27

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Dan Miraldi’s Albino Awesomeness on Display at Rock City


One of the tastiest audio recipes to spice up this year’s Rock City Project artist roster is Clevelander, Dan Miraldi.  With his band, the Albino Whinos, in tow, Dan wraps pop sensibility around difficult social concepts that are simultaneously awkward and hilarious. Packaging social angst into catchy pop tunes is no small task, and Dan [...]

The Floorwalkers Come Home to Rock City This Summer


The Floorwalkers rose from humble beginnings: little league teammates who ended up as pro musicians.   Starting with a local music shop’s guitar ensemble, Kerry Henderson and Benjamin Meinhold, along with others, the group began playing independently. They created their own styles and sounds soon to grace the local ears in the quaint town of [...]

Midlife Chryslers Bring Their Perfect Roadhouse Search to Rock City


On their quest for the “perfect roadhouse”, the Midlife Chryslers will be performing at the Rock City Festival this year, featuring Cleveland rock heavyweights Eric “E-roc” Sosinski and Michael Stanley.  Known for their deep jams and crowd-rousing interpretations of rock, funk, and blues, the Midlife Chryslers have become known as the shining example of what [...]

MojoFlo Brings the Funk to Rock City


Energy.  Musicianship.  Improvisation.  Sexiness. Power.   Just a few of the words the have been used to describe the brilliant, high-energy live show of the midwest funk-soul phenom, MojoFlo.  In review after review, the feedback is unanimous:  You’ve got to see this band live. Tweet

Misty Gonzales Joins Rock City


Fresh off of a main stage performance at Tremont’s blustery Brite Winter event last month, standout rock vocalist and self-described freedom child Misty Gonzales will be rolling into Rock City for a live performance on July 27, 2013.  Blazing a trail of success that has taken her all the way to Los Angeles, the singer [...]

The Soul Search that Turned pOUT into a Touring Band


The band pOUT went on a mission in early 2010: become Cleveland’s top club act while offering a steady diet of pop cover music and calling themselves “Ohio’s Party Dance Band”.   But as the group’s desire to compose new material took over their long-term vision, things had to change.   In a Cleveland Scene review of [...]

Switchblade Scarlett, The Chromes Join Rock City


Two of the best-kept secrets in the Cleveland music scene are coming to Rock City Festival on July 26-27 to join an already-amazing lineup of regional talent on stage. The Chromes’ raw power-rock sound is a distillation of the Kinks, the Stones, David Bowie and the Ramones, updated to reflect the more current Cleveland club [...]