Rock City Festival 2013 was a Success, Thanks to YOU

Well, you did it again, Cleveland.  Another incredible turnout for our community partner, Easter Seals of Northern Ohio.   Twenty bands, twenty-three vendors, three comedians, two street-performers, two stages, two bars, and one incredible rock party.  That’s what Rock City Festival is all about. I’d like to thank all of our sponsors and promotional partners: [...]

Welcome Stage Sponsor: The Chronicle-Telegram


The Chronicle-Telegram is Lorain County’s largest daily newspaper, continually offering 7-days home delivery and covering the news that matters to you most, with a fair-minded Elyria-based newsroom and hometown staff.   In addition, the Chronicle-Telegram offers Lorain County’s most highly-ranked local news web site, The Rock City Project is proud to have gained the [...]

Rock City 2013 Album Arrives on June 20

This year's cover art mixes Cleveland's skyline with a brilliant, colorful composite of fence posts and graffiti.

The Rock City Project team is proud to announce the release date for the Rock City 2013 Album, a compilation of northeast Ohio’s best modern rock, soul, and funk artists.  The album, co-produced by the musicians and producers of the Cleveland/Akron area along with the Rock City Project advisor board, was mastered at KSD Studios [...]

Rock City Festival 2013 to Feature Bazarre / Vendor Village

We’re excited to announce that Rock City Festival will house a Bazarre filled with art, crafts, and interesting goods for sale on both days of the festival, July 26-27. If you’re a painter, sculpter, jewelry maker, caricature artist, tie-dyer, or rare merchandise collector, this is the perfect opportunity to sell your wares at a high-profile [...]

Dan Miraldi’s Albino Awesomeness on Display at Rock City


One of the tastiest audio recipes to spice up this year’s Rock City Project artist roster is Clevelander, Dan Miraldi.  With his band, the Albino Whinos, in tow, Dan wraps pop sensibility around difficult social concepts that are simultaneously awkward and hilarious. Packaging social angst into catchy pop tunes is no small task, and Dan [...]

87.7 Cleveland’s Sound: The Sound of Rock City


When 87.7 FM Cleveland’s Sound hit the airwaves less than six months ago, it was clear that there were some very caring people in charge.  Folks who recall the enormous and magical role that radio has played in the development of music and American pop culture at large.  Never has that role been more pervasive [...]

The Floorwalkers Come Home to Rock City This Summer


The Floorwalkers rose from humble beginnings: little league teammates who ended up as pro musicians.   Starting with a local music shop’s guitar ensemble, Kerry Henderson and Benjamin Meinhold, along with others, the group began playing independently. They created their own styles and sounds soon to grace the local ears in the quaint town of [...]

Midlife Chryslers Bring Their Perfect Roadhouse Search to Rock City


On their quest for the “perfect roadhouse”, the Midlife Chryslers will be performing at the Rock City Festival this year, featuring Cleveland rock heavyweights Eric “E-roc” Sosinski and Michael Stanley.  Known for their deep jams and crowd-rousing interpretations of rock, funk, and blues, the Midlife Chryslers have become known as the shining example of what [...]

MojoFlo Brings the Funk to Rock City


Energy.  Musicianship.  Improvisation.  Sexiness. Power.   Just a few of the words the have been used to describe the brilliant, high-energy live show of the midwest funk-soul phenom, MojoFlo.  In review after review, the feedback is unanimous:  You’ve got to see this band live. Tweet

Mojoflo: Whatcha Think About That? (Video)