The Soul Search that Turned pOUT into a Touring Band


The band pOUT went on a mission in early 2010: become Cleveland’s top club act while offering a steady diet of pop cover music and calling themselves “Ohio’s Party Dance Band”.   But as the group’s desire to compose new material took over their long-term vision, things had to change.   In a Cleveland Scene review of [...]

Nigel Kent’s Rock City Interview

Teddy Wallingford performing with his band

Editor’s Note: This interview was commissioned by the Rock City Project. Permission to republish in whole or in part is granted to anybody.  Photos (C) DNA Photography. I’m sitting with the creator of Cleveland’s Rock City Project on a Tuesday at his office in Elyria, Ohio, about twenty minutes west of the rock and roll [...]

pOUT Joins Rock City


Billed as Ohio’s party-dance band, pOUT has been rocking audiences across the state with its unique, danceworthy take on 5-piece rock and roll–a formula that has given rise to the term “alt-funk”.  The band’s first single, “I Am”, released last winter, was the first song written by the band, and the newest  submission to the [...]