Rock City 2013 Album–Artist Selection Announcement


Nearly 50 songs have been submitted to the Rock City Project over the last 12 months! The songs were submitted by artists from around Cleveland for our compilation of the best rock, funk, and soul songs from the northeast Ohio region produced in the last year.   Our board has reviewed all the submissions and [...]

Welshly Arms: Two Seconds Too Late (Video)


The Soul Search that Turned pOUT into a Touring Band


The band pOUT went on a mission in early 2010: become Cleveland’s top club act while offering a steady diet of pop cover music and calling themselves “Ohio’s Party Dance Band”.   But as the group’s desire to compose new material took over their long-term vision, things had to change.   In a Cleveland Scene review of [...]

Welshly Arms: A Disarming Conversation about Music


  When I first met Mike Gould, drummer for Cleveland’s gritty rock foursome, Welshly Arms, it was under a sort of duress.  You see, I had been producing a talent competition event called Rock War, and one of my celebrity judges cancelled on me at the last minute.  The replacement, discovered at the eleventh hour, [...]

Jay Guerrero, Welshly Arms On Board for Rock City 2013


Rock City is proud to gain the support of Jay Guerrero and Welshly Arms for the 2013 Project.   Jay Guerrero, appearing for the first time on the Rock City Project Album this year, appeared at the Rock City 2012 festival.  After recording four full-length albums, touring across the country, and receiving multiple songwriting awards, Jay [...]